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Financial Advisory Services in Toronto

At Stonehenge, we offer sound financial advice that can help clients at every stage of the business cycle.

We are a full-service accounting and financial consultant company that can help you with every aspect of your business planning.

Whether you’re just getting started up, in a period of expansion and growth, in transition or heading into retirement, we can help you make smart decisions that put – and keep – your business on strong financial footing.

We understand that different stages of business and life present different financial challenges. We have years of experience working with businesses of all stripes and can help you make a plan that addresses whatever challenges you may be facing right now, and anticipate what might arise in the future.

And better still, we won’t just hand you a plan and leave you alone to implement it. We’ll work with you every step of the way, meeting multiple times per year to make sure you’re on track and help you troubleshoot any financial issues that may arise.

Financial Advisory Services at Stonehenge Accounting

Financial Modelling That Leads to Smart Decision-Making

Whether you’re debating if and when to expand, concerned about better managing your cash flow, or not sure if you can afford to take on new staff members, business owners frequently find themselves faced with a number of questions.

And with financial modelling, we can help you answer them.

Working with one of our trained professionals to create a sound financial model can make all of your business decisions easier.

Financial models provide an informed, well reasoned and quantitative approach to decision-making that takes out the guesswork, allows you to clearly and accurately assess risks, and makes the right decision much more apparent. They also illustrate the long-term costs and benefits, making it easier to understand how decisions you make today can impact your business in the future.

When done correctly, financial models use key pieces of information about your business’s financial standing and business operations, then utilizes that data to form an analysis. This analysis predicts how your business might react to various economic situations and financial occurrences. Having access to this analysis allows you as the business owner to get a sense of what the results of your financial decisions might be before you commit any money upfront.

In addition to helping business owners decide on the best path forward, financial models can also be presented to investors or debt-holders to convince various stakeholders in your business that you’ve charted a smart and financially viable path forward for your business.

Financial models should be built in such a way that when something changes, new data can easily be plugged into the model, which allows you to adjust your model on the fly. Your revenue, expenses, cash flow and other financial projections are likely to change. When they do, it’s crucial to be able to quickly alter your model so that you can see the impact of these changes on your financial picture as a whole.

Following best practices, we can customize a financial model so that it’s specific to the unique nature of your business and can grow and evolve as your business does. We’ll also provide you with a financial model that’s flexible enough to be used in multiple situations and various contexts, helping you make sound financial decisions no matter what questions may arise or what challenges you face.

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