Business Accounting Services Toronto

At Stonehenge, we do more than just crunch numbers. We take a proactive approach to provide you with trusted business advice, peace of mind, and top-notch customer service. 

We choose to work with small business owners who are committed to making their business successful. We can help you reach your financial and personal goals by meeting with you on a regular basis to review business performance, discuss tax planning, and find solutions to your business problems.

We provide you with numbers that are accessible and easy to understand – without taking up your timeWe do this by leveraging the latest in cloud-based technology to customize our accounting services to meet your unique needs. These services include:



We create a workflow for each client to ensure that transactions are accurately categorized and can also provide assistance with payments and invoicing. Everything is then summarized into a customized report that is easy to understand.


We are small business tax specialists. We handle it all—income, payroll, sales or any other type of tax. We also include tax planning and estimates in our reporting to help our clients save money. 


We simplify the payroll process by automating government remittances, paying staff via direct deposit, and providing pay stubs online. This frees up time and money to let our clients run their business.


We use budgeting tools and monitor key performance indicators for profitability, cash flow, and growth to provide sound business advice that gives our clients a competitive advantage.


Meet with us for a complimentary 50-minute strategy session where we can show you how we can help take you and your business to the next level.

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