You can spend hours of time cold-calling, or thousands of dollars on advertising, all to end up disappointed with no new customers. Your time and budgets are stretched already, and you may be thinking, “There must be a better way”!

While cold calling and wide-spread advertising certainly have their benefits, my preferred method for gaining the right customers is through referrals.

Customer referrals are a non-stop way of creating steady streams of prospects and customers. Referral customers are the most profitable, cost-efficient, loyal, and continuous source of new business you will ever access. They are also the most reliable, often paying the most money, negotiating fees the least, following your prescribed treatment programs, and referring even more of the best people to you.

In knowing the importance of customer referrals, the E.A.R. formula is a powerful concept to help you encourage referrals on behalf of your own business. E.A.R. stands for:

  • Earn,

  • Ask, and

  • Reward.

Every business should exhibit at least one aspect of the E.A.R. formula as a natural extension of its normal approach to customer service.

If you are good at what you do, you will naturally earn more business because your customers will talk positively about you. By taking care of your customers, you earn the right to ask. If you are confident in the service and care that you provide, you should have no problem asking for referrals. And if you have earned your customer’s approval and been able to ask for referrals, you should reward your customers for their help. You will be surprised at the loyalty your customers show when you offer them recognition in response for their patronage!